Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Work in Progress - Alice's Silver Box

So, I am trying to make my first silver box at the moment. It's quite a big project (by which I mean, it uses quite a lot of silver - the box itself is titchy), so I thought I would aim to have it done by Alice's first birthday. August is, however, approaching faster than I thought!

This is a picture of the lid, so far. I roll pressed a curve into the lid for a branch, and tried to fill the indentation with gold solder but once it was done, and filed and sanded down, you really couldn't see the curve. I could have kept going, I suppose, but I have instead decided to use gold wire. It isn't a solution that fills me with joy - I really wanted the branch to be flush with the main lid, and just the leaves to be soldered on top. But it will still look ok, I hope.

Last night I finished filing the leaves, and soldered them onto the lid. These I have roll pressed a design into, and hope to bring the pattern out with platinol once it is done. Soldering them on has also sent the gold solder a bit haywire, so much sanding needs to be done. I am waiting for my gold wire to be delivered, and then we will see. I am pleased with the leaves, and the overall design. It's just my first foray into using gold that hasn't gone so well!

This is the main body of the box, with Alice's name stamped on the inside. It is going to hinge with a pin, so the lid will slide round and not lift off. I need to try and think of a way to stop it going round and round and round the whole way, or undoubtedly someone will try and do that and the lid will fly off and damage something, or someone. I hadn't thought of that possibility when I started making it!

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