Sunday, 27 June 2010

"Tile" Series - Inspiration and Results

I have just finished the third pendant in my "Tile" series, and as they have all turned out quite differently, despite the same origin, it started me thinking about 'inspiration'. What things inspire you? These pendants were inspired by a couple of things.

First was the exhortation of my first jewellery tutor to think very carefully about what shapes to make my jewellery, and where in the silver to draw the design - because silver is expensive and you want to waste as little as possible!

Second was the beauty of some of the Islamic tiles in the Jameel Gallery at the V&A - and the clever way they fitted together different shapes. The photo above here is from a beautiful house in Fez, Morocco, which shows the intricacy of the tiling and also the shapes that inspired the pendants below:

This is silver and blue enamel, the latest pendant completed and my first attempt at enamelling. I am pleased with how the blue reflects some of the colours in the original tiles I looked at.

This pendant is silver set with an amethyst - the amethyst is a lovely purple colour that really catches the light.

This was my first pendant completed, and the simplest of the three - nonetheless, the sawn out design I think is very effective. It kind of reminds me of a flower, despite being very linear.
What kind of things inspire you?

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