Thursday, 17 June 2010

Architects Build Small Spaces Exhibition

A quick disclaimer - I used to work at the V&A, and still do occasionally in the Learning and Interpretation department. I am doing some research on this exhibition, but was not involved in its creation in any way.

I was at the V&A today, going round the 1:1 Architects Build Small Spaces exhibition. I thought it was awesome. Further and proper information is available here

Essentially, though, it is 7 structures that have been built around the museum, that you get to go in and explore - for free!

Here are some photos of two of them for you to see a little bit of the variety. They are made from all kinds of material - plaster in the case of this first one from the Cast Courts, wood in the case of the second one from the Medieval and Renaissance Gallery, as well as plexiglass, metal, and tree trunks. There is one full of books, which is very lovely but hard to photograph effectively.

I always like to visit the V&A, but I think this is really something special. It's on until the end of August too - perfect holiday fare if you can't quite face the thought of the dinosaurs across the road again!

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