Saturday, 21 August 2010

Handle with Care Treasury

This Summer we seem to have been here, there and everywhere. I feel very out of touch with all the changes that have gone on in Etsy - new shop layout? Prices in £s?

So I have just spent a bit of time looking around Etsy, and made my first treasury for a while - looking at UK based ceramic/pottery items. It's called Handle with Care - please check it out!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

My lovely new beret!

I always say I never win anything but, you know what? If you don't try, then you certainly won't.

A few weeks ago I saw that stitchywoowoo had found a great 1950s model of a lady's head that needed a name. The prize for the winning suggestion was one of stitchywoowoo's brilliant berets. I thought, it doesn't hurt to try, and you know what, she looks just like a Delores.

It turns out the Fates agreed with me!

Delores was the name that was pulled from the hat, and I got back from my holiday to find this lovely package in the post!

Please excuse the photo. I am 0% photogenic, and also really tired. But the hat is great! I checked with Delores for the right way to wear it, and I think I've got it nearly right. I can't shake the feeling she wears it a bit better than me, but practice makes perfect, don'tchaknow.

Stitchywoowoo doesn't just make great berets, though - check out her etsy shops stitchywoowoo and woowootwo for lots of different unique textile and art creations - including cushions, wrist cuffs and art dolls, plus a great selection of vintage supplies.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Flower Brooches Galore!

I was trying to work out what to do with what I thought was the teeny final bit of my lovely SkeinQueen yarn. So I found a little flower pattern and thought I would make a couple of those and make them into brooches. This is what happened next -

I wasn't expecting to get quite that many of them! Undeterred, I rifled through my sewing box, and found some pretty buttons I bought a couple of years ago from creamrose on etsy (who doesn't seem to trade on there anymore, or else I'd give you the link), some brooch backs, and some felt.

Two episodes of Cold Case and one episode of GhostWhisper later (OH helpfully being out at cricket for a long time yesterday), and I was done! Flower brooches all over the place. One is already winging its way to a friend of mine, leaving 7 to find new homes somewhere else.

This post is part of the I Made It Blog Party at Everything Etsy - go check out lots of other lovely things people have made this week!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

New lovelies from etsy

These are my two latest etsy purchases. That's the trouble with spending time on etsy - too many lovely things to look at! I am not supposed to be spending money....

This is a cute fabric brooch from Sabeena who makes brooches, bags and cushions, as well as unique paintings.

This is a really gorgeous silver lily pendant from somethingxtraspecial who makes really beautiful silver jewellery.

Do check them both out - you won't regret it!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Boot Fair Bargain

Look what I got at a boot fair yesterday - matching Daddy and Alice Green Flash trainers! The cutest thing ever! This, combined with my first etsy sale on Friday, made for a very satisfying weekend. Simple things.....

I got other good stuff at the boot fair too - baby clothes, toys and books - all for less than £10. I haven't been to one for ages, but it was really good. Guess where I'll be spending my Sunday mornings from now on......