Thursday, 29 July 2010

Showcase - bookity

bookity is my new favourite shop on etsy.

It is a great UK based store which makes lovely things out of books! And don't worry - it specifically says on the store that (I quote)"All my items are made from damaged, unwanted or unsaleable books." Phew.

This is what arrived in the post for me last week, with really cute packaging as well:

There is lots of awesome stuff though - romance novels made into wedding confetti, room ornaments, and amazing handbags made out of books as well. I am saving up for one of those.

Do go check it out!


  1. I love Bookity too! I haven't bought anything there yet though but it's on my favourites list :)

  2. wow amazing shop. thank u for sharing!...*

  3. I love artists books too Beth. And congratulations to you. You have won my blog beret giveaway with the name Delores.
    Please contact me and I will send you your beret of choice.
    well done Beth.