Wednesday, 6 October 2010

CuddleNum (or The Chicken Formerly Known as Mr Beige)

'CuddleBunny, meet CuddleNum. CuddleNum, meet CuddleBunny. ' If she could speak, Alice would have introduced the two new friends like this.

So, in case you are wondering what all the introductions are about, the lovely Lynsey of SwirlyArts who makes really cute chicken pincushions and doorstops, among other things, and sells them in her etsy store found herself with a grumpy little pincushion Mr Beige who felt he was being supplanted in her affections by newer chicken pincushions. So Lynsey bowed to Mr Beige's demands and set about finding him a new home. Alice and I stumbled across the competition, and she was quite excited by the prospect of a little chicken, so we entered. And we won! And this is the lovely package that arrived this morning -
There were perfectly pleasant introductions all round, and a little cuddle for the newly named CuddleNum from both Alice and CuddleBunny, but then Alice decided that that was enough of the good manners and tried to bite CuddleNum's beak. Naughty Alice!

So CuddleNum has taken up a temporary station on the bookcase along where he can oversee the chaos that is my living room until this round of teething is done. But he isn't alone, because the also-quite-delicate-in-constitution knitted Elefant is also up there and will keep him company and explain what is going on. Alice will be allowed quick cuddles, because she loves the squishyness of CuddleNum, but I am still working on the concept of 'gentle' with her, so she will be properly supervised at all times.

Thanks Lynsey!

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