Friday, 1 October 2010

Changes to my shop

This week I have changed a couple of elements of my etsy store, hopefully for the better!

First, I have retaken all of my 'first pictures' for my items. I struggle with my photography sometimes (as first mentioned in a previous blog post here) - I never feel I quite get it right. My original pictures mainly had black backgrounds, as I thought you would see the silver of the jewellery better - but lighting is hard, and the silver would often end up with a funny glow.

But after one of my photos, which I'd done on a white instead of a black background, got some compliments in one of the etsy forums, I thought I'd try doing my pictures on white background again, and also be a bit braver with my cropping and close ups. I am (at the moment!) pretty pleased with the results, and also with the fact that for the first time they all have the same colour background!

Here are some before and after pictures -

Second, I decided to try and unify my presentation and packaging of my jewellery. I bought some lovely ribbon in shades of ivory, dove grey and pale blue from etsy seller Overspill, and got some more black pillow boxes ready. When it arrived, I got all over-excited and straight away cut it all up into perfect earring-box sized pieces of ribbon, temporarily forgetting that I don't just make earrings. Ooops.

Still, all the earring listings are updated, and I'll just have to order some more ribbon and get on with the necklaces and bracelets another day.... Overall, I am pretty pleased with this weeks work.

Oh - and I also launched my first blog giveaway! Check it out here - closes October 8th.


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    You have won my giveaway! CuddleNum is excited to be coming to a new home :) Pop over to see!