Thursday, 5 August 2010

Flower Brooches Galore!

I was trying to work out what to do with what I thought was the teeny final bit of my lovely SkeinQueen yarn. So I found a little flower pattern and thought I would make a couple of those and make them into brooches. This is what happened next -

I wasn't expecting to get quite that many of them! Undeterred, I rifled through my sewing box, and found some pretty buttons I bought a couple of years ago from creamrose on etsy (who doesn't seem to trade on there anymore, or else I'd give you the link), some brooch backs, and some felt.

Two episodes of Cold Case and one episode of GhostWhisper later (OH helpfully being out at cricket for a long time yesterday), and I was done! Flower brooches all over the place. One is already winging its way to a friend of mine, leaving 7 to find new homes somewhere else.

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