Thursday, 17 February 2011

My First Craft Fair

I did my first craft fair before Christmas. It was at the Church of a friend of mine, and we shared a table between 3 people - my jewellery, my friend Ali's Christmas decorations, and my friend Sophie's ceramics.

This was my little third of the table. I wasn't sure how to best display the jewellery, but I was quite pleased with the final outcome. I would definately have struggled to fill a whole table, though!

The fair itself went ok - I think there were about 200-250 people who visited (and all table/entrance fees went to our local hospital, which is always a good cause), and I made three sales. It was quite a long day for three sales - the fair was open from 10-6, but could probably have closed at 4 quite happily really. However, I got some really lovely feedback from someone who bought a necklace for his mum and was the flavour of the month on Christmas day apparently! That kind of thing always makes me happy!

I did also get to finish my own Christmas shopping from some of the other lovely stalls that were there, and it was lovely to sit for the day with my friend Ali and chat, without one of us always having to jump up to rescue a toddler from imminent doom.

I think I would have to think carefully before signing up for another one though, especially from a space and display point of view. If anyone has any tips on this, I'd be grateful!


  1. You made a great job of arranging your stall- it looks lovely

  2. Thanks Dotty! I would just struggle to fill a much larger space than that!

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